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We plan and organise dinners, parties, sports events and fundraisers. We can also assist with or organise your next event. We are Turnstile Events, creators and hosts of the best events across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

A fantastic experience is at the heart of yours and our events. Every organisation, every event needs an organiser. We engage with people. We listen to your requirements and plan your event exactly the way you want it, to budget and to time. We’ll make you laugh, enjoy yourself and have lots of fun. It’s at the heart of everything we do. Making it perfect is our top priority.

In Conversation With
Archie Macpherson
Newtongrange Star Social Club

In Conversation With
Tam Cowan
Newtongrange Star Social Club

In Conversation With
Pat Nevin
Newtongrange Star Social Club

In Conversation With…
3 Ticket Bundle
Newtongrange Star Social Club

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In Conversation With Archie Macpherson

12/02/2024 — 19:00 – 21:00
Newtongrange Star Social Club, Newtongrange

Eric Davidson will be chatting with legendary Scottish football commentator and author, Archie Macpherson, about his life and career spanning his full 86 years. A very special and rare Q&A session will follow, allowing you to ask the legend himself a question of your own.

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Turnstile Events have been providing Bright Sparks Centre with funds raised from their successful events for a few years. We are delighted to work closely with a team that excel at hosting events that match their audience perfectly.

Bright Sparks Centre, Bonnyrigg

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We host a number of events throughout the year. Check our calendar for details.

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